“Because the softest lips tell the most precious secrets.” Saetia (via silversnails)
“My consuming lust was to experience their bodies. I viewed them as objects, as strangers. It is hard for me to believe a human being could have done what I’ve done.” Jeffrey Dahmer (via drlecterme)
“Drink up one more time
and I’ll make you mine
Keep you apart, deep in my heart
Separate from the rest,
where I like you the best
And keep the things you forgot.” Elliott Smith - Between The Bars (via frenzyfrenzylove)

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“I desire things that will destroy me in the end” Sylvia Plath

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“Because when something happens, she’s the person I want to tell. The most basic indicator of love.”  David Levithan, Every Day  (via psych-facts)

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“I honestly know what he’s talking about because it makes me feel TERRIBLE when I hear bands that people will potentially categorize with/compare to snowing and they have fucking lame lyrics/call people fags, etc. it’s not right or cool and should not be taken lightly, because, fuck, why would it be? believe it or not, what we engage in is a form of punk, and punk is all about being part of a radical community. unfortunately, radical ideas in the world right now aren’t really radical at all. it’s more, “I’m a person that knows right from wrong." calling someone a faggot is wrong. writing songs that are derogatory towards women is wrong. thinking it’s okay and fun and, “man, you’re too serious", is fucking wrong.” John Galm (via stillprettyterrible)

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“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.” - George Orwell.


“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.” - George Orwell.

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